Clogged gutter? Instal a new one!

Clogged gutter? Instal a new one!

Guttering is a construction of pipes, which mainly collect the rainwater and giving them a direction, usually leading them to the ground or the sewer system. Before installing a gutter – Apofraxeis Vyronas, it is possible to choose the colour you want from a wide range of colours to match the exterior aesthetics of your home or apartment building.

Of course, for the installation of gutters you need an experienced professional, to take care of their proper construction, which will last for many years.

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Why do we install gutters?

The installation of a gutter is essential for a house, a detached house or an apartment building. Guttering is a means of protecting the building and in particular the walls from damage due to water.

Moisture that may be due to leakage or non-leakage is likely to cause peeling or more severe damage to wall plasters and walls or even health problems.

Especially in areas with severe weather conditions, such as frequent rainfall and snowfall, the construction – installation of gutters is considered necessary. With regard to apartment buildings, the installation of a gutter avoids the problems between the occupants of the apartments (These mainly concern the dumping of water in each other’s premises).

What are your main options for installing gutters?

You can choose between different gutter materials, such as:

Installation of Aluminium Fluid

Aluminium gutters are the most widely used, as they have low specific gravity, high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance over time. They are characterized by resistance to rust while at the same time they are very economical.

Installation of Copper Fluid

Thanks to the natural properties of this metal, the copper gutters are ensured great durability and resistance to corrosion and time. They are not affected by weather conditions, while their characteristics are the high aesthetics and the complete recycling of the material.

Fluid Inox Installation

Inox is a material made of stainless steel. This means that it does not rust and gives durability over time. Inox gutters have low thermal conductivity, i.e they are not altered by high temperatures. At the same time, they have mechanical strength and greater corrosion resistance, as they add to the aesthetics of a building.

Plastic-PVC Waterproofing Installation

PVC gutters offer high aesthetics, easy and quick installation and application and functionality. At the same time, due to their enhanced properties, they show no signs of deterioration due to weather conditions or the passage of time.

Steel Plumbing Installation

The characteristics of steel include its high resistance to the passage of time, chemical corrosion, weather conditions, vibrations and fire. Steel gutters are fully recyclable, with little time and installation costs.

Installation of Hydrocarbon from Titanium Zinc

The combination of these two materials creates additional mechanical properties, excellent application and much longer life without the need for maintenance. The gutters with this material are also called zinc gutters.

Don’t you feel confident about the type of gutter that suits your building? Our professionals are ready to study the space and offer the most practical solution, especially for your needs, at the most affordable price!

How is the gutter installed?

Basically, the gutter installation consists of a horizontal and then a vertical pipe path. The horizontal pipes are open to receive water, while the vertical ones are closed. Initially, on the horizontal axis, supports are used approximately per meter that have a special curvature for a perfect fit. Ring-shaped supports are used in the vertical.

In houses with tiled roofs, these supports are placed on the tiles, otherwise on the wall. For the construction of a gutter, individual gutters of 3-4 meters are usually used, which are welded together. These fit perfectly on the brackets and create a flow.

It is recommended to have a slope of 0.5% to direct the water to the vertical pipe. Then one end of the horizontal tube is closed with a plug. Finally, special attention should be paid to angles and points with curvature, such as the union of the horizontal with the vertical, in order to avoid leaks.

What areas do our technicians serve to build gutters?

On our platform you will find specialized technicians for gutters – installation and construction throughout Athens and every region of Attica. After studying the space, they will offer you the most suitable solution for the gutter of your building, to prepare you for the bad winter weather.

Why choose a professional from Apofraxeis Vyronas to install a gutter?

On our platform you will find evaluated professionals for the installation of gutters, with many years of experience in the relevant field. They will take care of the quality construction of your gutter, so that you do not face blocking problems in times of rain and bad weather, using the highest quality materials on the market.

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