Putting on a Condom

Putting on a Condom

Putting on a Condom

Some men don’t know how to put on a condom. Don’t smirk or feel embarrassed, there’s no need for either of these attitudes here. Professional call girl or call girls can wear a condom to the men’s penis by their mouth!

Some guys have little experience when it comes to sex. Others have little experience in the use of condoms and prefer to go natural. So what? We all have to learn sometimes; nobody was born wise.

Luckily, putting on a condom is not a big deal at all and any man, or woman for that matter, can get the hang of it in a couple of minutes. If you feel you need to practice, by all means go ahead. Condoms can be bought from any pharmacy or from the vending machines installed in public loos.

What you need is an erect penis or its equivalent, such as a banana or anything else that might resemble a penis and is hard enough to keep from bending. Take one condom out of the pack and open the foil carefully by tearing away one side.The most important thing is to keep the condom inside undamaged.

If you manage to bungle this step and damage the condom, get another from the pack. Never go ahead with a torn condom because it is perfectly useless. So make sure you learn how to tear the foil correctly. Next, take the condom out of the torn foil and take a look at it. You will notice that a small tip is hanging on one side of the condom.

But this tip contains a bit of air at this moment and air inside the condom is not a good idea. So grab the tip between your thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze the air out. Keep your fingers on the tip and place the condom as it is on the head of your penis. Use your other hand to roll the condom down the length of your penis.

This was the final stage of the whole thing. Now you are ready for sex. What you need to make sure is that no air has entered the condom because it will form pockets that are very likely to break during sex.

Also watch out because the condom might start to slip off your penis. If you are completely new to condoms, buy a couple of sizes and try them all to see which fits you best. If your partner is a professional call girl or call girls she can help you with learning tips and the size you will need.

When you’re done, pull out and start taking the condom off. You’d better do this out of the bed, some distance from the lady’s vagina. It would be a bummer to have sex with the condom on only to spill the load while taking the thing off you.

The best way to remove it is to grab the tip as before and start pulling your penis out. Wrap the used condom in tissue paper and throw it in the garbage can. Now you’re all done.

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