electric fire

What can you do if an electric fire breaks out

Domestic fires are one of the scariest and most devastating things homeowners can experience. In addition to the possibility of the property being completely destroyed, there is also the risk of extreme injuries to you and your family.

Electric fires can seemingly be caused out of nowhere, as there are several reasons for a fire to start from an electric current. Prevention is the best way to combat these tragedies, but there are many things that can cause electrical fires that may not be obvious to the average homeowner. In this article you will find detailed and useful information from the electricians of the company 24gr.gr.

Prevention of electrical fire

According to the National Fire Department of the United States, approximately 47,700 home fires reported in United States fire departments were the result of some form of electrical failure or malfunction that led to ignition (in 2011). Unfortunately, there are no statistics for Greece from the respective services or from the electricians in Athens. Many of these fires lead to injuries and deaths and are caused by any electrical component, such as:

  • Wiring and related equipment
  • Lighting fixtures, lamps (bulbs)
  • Plugs, sockets
  • Transformers and power supplies

electric fire

Preventing electric fires is as simple as ensuring that your electrical system is safe, but for many, this is not a job that needs immediate attention. The first step in making sure you are not in danger is to become familiar with these common warning signs.

Old wiring or electrical wiring with damage

Most electrical wiring has a lifespan of about thirty to forty, but about a third of homes in Athens are over fifty years old. If the wiring of your house is old or worn, you will notice some problems that you should not ignore:

  • The circuit breakers “fall” repeatedly
  • Fuses are often “burned out”

These are all intended to be temporary solutions and if any of the above is a common occurrence in your own home, you are probably at risk of electric fire and should plan to do so. installation of new wiring all over the house.

Aluminium wiring

During the 1960s and 1970s, aluminium wiring was very common. Unfortunately, aluminium oxidizes very quickly, which can lead to corrosion. This type of wiring is sufficient for a shorter period of time, but it does not have the lifespan of copper wiring – and once it is corroded, it is only a matter of time before an electric fire breaks out.

You may need to reconnect the entire wiring throughout your home, or you may need to plug in only the sockets, electrical panel, and circuit breakers. Either way, it is important to have a professional electrician inspect your wiring and make sure your home is safe.

Electric arc errors

An electric arc is a discharge between solid electrical conductors or electrodes via gas, which shows a small voltage drop but a particularly high current density. The gas in the space between the electrodes is converted into an electrical conductor as it is ionized by the electric current.

An electric shock can be caused very easily: it can happen because a tree falls on a power line during a storm or because you have done little damage to the wiring while you put a shelf in the wall with screws or simply have a loose connection to an electrical outlet.

Regardless of the cause, electric arcs produce temperatures above 4,000 ° C, but fortunately they can be prevented. Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDDs) can detect arcs and cut off the circuit before it overheats.

If you’re not sure if you have an Arc Troubleshooter where you need it in your home, call one electrician in Athens for electrical safety control. Especially if you live in an older home, these devices could easily prevent a disaster.

What to do if you eventually cause a fire from electricity

Hopefully you have taken all the precautions you can and use your electrical infrastructure safely. However, if an electric fire occurs, you need to know how to put it out.

The first and most important thing to remember is to never try to put out an electric fire with water. Electricity from the fire can travel through the water and you may be electrocuted. You also run the risk of worsening the fire.

If you can do it in time , disconnect the fire-fighting appliance to cut off the power.

If you are unable to disconnect the appliance, you should use an ABC-rated fire extinguisher, which has been shown to be effective in the event of a fire involving ordinary flammable materials, flammable liquids and electrical equipment.

Not all chemical suppressants are effective against electric fire, so make sure your fire extinguisher is. If the fire spreads, leave your home immediately and contact your local fire department.

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Clogged gutter? Instal a new one!

Clogged gutter? Instal a new one!

Guttering is a construction of pipes, which mainly collect the rainwater and giving them a direction, usually leading them to the ground or the sewer system. Before installing a gutter – Apofraxeis Vyronas, it is possible to choose the colour you want from a wide range of colours to match the exterior aesthetics of your home or apartment building.

Of course, for the installation of gutters you need an experienced professional, to take care of their proper construction, which will last for many years.

The technicians who work with our platform are ready to serve you every day, at the best prices. Just fill out our form for free and in a few minutes we will find the right one for you, to make an appointment and get an offer!

Why do we install gutters?

The installation of a gutter is essential for a house, a detached house or an apartment building. Guttering is a means of protecting the building and in particular the walls from damage due to water.

Moisture that may be due to leakage or non-leakage is likely to cause peeling or more severe damage to wall plasters and walls or even health problems.

Especially in areas with severe weather conditions, such as frequent rainfall and snowfall, the construction – installation of gutters is considered necessary. With regard to apartment buildings, the installation of a gutter avoids the problems between the occupants of the apartments (These mainly concern the dumping of water in each other’s premises).

What are your main options for installing gutters?

You can choose between different gutter materials, such as:

Installation of Aluminium Fluid

Aluminium gutters are the most widely used, as they have low specific gravity, high mechanical strength and corrosion resistance over time. They are characterized by resistance to rust while at the same time they are very economical.

Installation of Copper Fluid

Thanks to the natural properties of this metal, the copper gutters are ensured great durability and resistance to corrosion and time. They are not affected by weather conditions, while their characteristics are the high aesthetics and the complete recycling of the material.

Fluid Inox Installation

Inox is a material made of stainless steel. This means that it does not rust and gives durability over time. Inox gutters have low thermal conductivity, i.e they are not altered by high temperatures. At the same time, they have mechanical strength and greater corrosion resistance, as they add to the aesthetics of a building.

Plastic-PVC Waterproofing Installation

PVC gutters offer high aesthetics, easy and quick installation and application and functionality. At the same time, due to their enhanced properties, they show no signs of deterioration due to weather conditions or the passage of time.

Steel Plumbing Installation

The characteristics of steel include its high resistance to the passage of time, chemical corrosion, weather conditions, vibrations and fire. Steel gutters are fully recyclable, with little time and installation costs.

Installation of Hydrocarbon from Titanium Zinc

The combination of these two materials creates additional mechanical properties, excellent application and much longer life without the need for maintenance. The gutters with this material are also called zinc gutters.

Don’t you feel confident about the type of gutter that suits your building? Our professionals are ready to study the space and offer the most practical solution, especially for your needs, at the most affordable price!

How is the gutter installed?

Basically, the gutter installation consists of a horizontal and then a vertical pipe path. The horizontal pipes are open to receive water, while the vertical ones are closed. Initially, on the horizontal axis, supports are used approximately per meter that have a special curvature for a perfect fit. Ring-shaped supports are used in the vertical.

In houses with tiled roofs, these supports are placed on the tiles, otherwise on the wall. For the construction of a gutter, individual gutters of 3-4 meters are usually used, which are welded together. These fit perfectly on the brackets and create a flow.

It is recommended to have a slope of 0.5% to direct the water to the vertical pipe. Then one end of the horizontal tube is closed with a plug. Finally, special attention should be paid to angles and points with curvature, such as the union of the horizontal with the vertical, in order to avoid leaks.

What areas do our technicians serve to build gutters?

On our platform you will find specialized technicians for gutters – installation and construction throughout Athens and every region of Attica. After studying the space, they will offer you the most suitable solution for the gutter of your building, to prepare you for the bad winter weather.

Why choose a professional from Apofraxeis Vyronas to install a gutter?

On our platform you will find evaluated professionals for the installation of gutters, with many years of experience in the relevant field. They will take care of the quality construction of your gutter, so that you do not face blocking problems in times of rain and bad weather, using the highest quality materials on the market.

Do you need a gutter installation?

Don’t look elsewhere. Submit your work completely free of charge on our platform. Within a few minutes, Αποφράξεις Βύρωνας will find you a suitable professional in your area in Athens.


5 Ways to Protect Your New Home

Embellishing your new home is certainly more enjoyable than setting up security measures. But burglars strike every 25.7 secs, so home security door – portes asfaleias athina – should be a leading concern. To assist you get back to the fun stuff, here are 5 things you need to do today to secure your brand-new home.

Right here Are 5 Ways to protect Your New Home

1. Protect the Doors
2. Lock the Windows
3. Brighten the Landscape
4. Do Not Forget the Garage
5. Establish a Security System1. Protect the Doors

If you’re relocating into a home that someone else made use of to call home, change the door locks –κλειδαριές ασφαλείας. In this way you will not have unfamiliar people available with a vital to your house, and also you can make sure your locks are the best on the market.

Below are some fast supports we advise to aid you bolster these essential entrances.

1. Secure the door

  • Set up a deadbolt
  • Include a strike plate
  • Upgrade to clever locks
  • Boost protection with a video doorbell

PRO TIP: Reinforce gliding glass doors.

Intruders love sliding doors, so see to it yours are shielded. You can go old-school and also make use of a home window bar or dowel in the track to keep the door from being required open. If you want a high-tech remedy, include a door sensing unit or glass break sensing unit. These will alert you if the glass door is damaged and must scare off burglars.
windows outside home.

2. Lock the Windows

Windows and doors are one of the most usual entrance factors for robbers. However, manufacturer latches on windows aren’t always reliable– and in some cases they’re downright lightweight. If you do not like the appearances of your window latches, boost safety with locks or key-operated bars. Yet you do not need to quit there.

We have a few other excellent concepts to aid make your windows burglar-proof.

  • Strengthen glass with window protection movie.
  • Install window or glass break sensing units.
  • Include window bars.
  • Plant prickly bushes under first-floor windows (but make sure to maintain them trimmed).

3. Brighten the Landscape

Vandals, intruders, and also other crooks don’t such as to be in the limelight. Keep poor folks away with ample outside lights. Area lights around your front and gardens, along pathways, and near the garage and various other outside structures. Not just will you make intruders skittish, you’ll also cut down your danger of a discover your means up the front actions.

Make your exterior protection lights even more efficient with these suggestions.

  • Use motion-activated lights.
  • Save power with solar-powered lights.
  • Place outdoor lights on a timer.

4. Do Not Forget the Garage

This access indicate your house is becoming more prominent with lawbreakers. And even if they can’t access your home, opportunities are you have lots of great stuff kept in the garage. Make it a habit to lock all doors to the garage– both exterior and interior.

You may additionally take into consideration maintaining your garage door opener in your house. In this way an intruder can’t order it out of your auto-mobile. And if you utilize a protection code to open up the garage, ensure you keep it secret and never ever enter it in front of distribution people, next-door neighbours, or anybody else.

Here are some more simple methods to safeguard the garage.

  • Upgrade to a smart garage door opener.
  • Cover home windows to conceal the goodies inside.
  • Safe garage doors with added locks (and even zoom ties!).
  • Use house automation– and also never ever leave the garage door open once more.

5. Establish a Security System

Your new home ought to have some form of a security system, whether it’s a standard DIY system or one that comes with professional monitoring and also home automation. Today there are plenty of home security choices for every single spending plan and also every level of protection.

To pick a system that you’re comfortable with, assess the requirements of your area as well as your home. You can call your neighbourhood authorities department for area crime stats and also assist doing a residence security analysis of your home.

And keep these factors in mind too:

  • Do It Yourself instalment vs. specialist installation.
  • Customer service and also brand name credibility.
  • Smart residence capabilities.
  • In advance as well as month-to-month costs.
  • Extras like smoke and also carbon monoxide monitoring.

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How to pick the appropriate private teacher for your youngster

The number of children taking private lessons (idiaitera mathimata) rose by a third in the decade leading up to 2016. Right here, knowledgeable private teacher Sofia K., a tutor for ten years, describes just how to select the appropriate one for your youngster’s education

Before embarking on your pursuit for the ideal tutor, look very carefully at your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Review their schoolbooks to establish the areas that would certainly take advantage of a close focus, and also talk with teachers– they have a knowledge with your kid that supplies very useful understanding for a tutor.

If you’re searching for assist with 11-plus preparation, see to it you recognize the exam design or have a number of past documents to hand. If it’s for GCSE, keep in mind of the test board and syllabus. Speak to your kid concerning tutoring so you can evaluate the commitment as well as the attitude they’re most likely to display in lessons, in addition to their level of rate of interest as well as confidence in the topic.

Whether making use of a reputable online service or individual suggestion, kid safety and security is critical; online private tutors and also undergrads need to have undertaken vetting from the provider. Excellent on the internet tutor solutions placed safety and security initially, recording sessions between tutor as well as kid, as well as making them offered to parents and also teachers. Call information about the pupil as well as mums and dads stay personal throughout and are not visible to the tutor.

One of the most very skilled, expensive private teachers are generally certified instructors with class technique, and some are specialist supervisors. Indication private teachers up as early as you can in the past exams to avoid dissatisfaction. Undergraduate private teachers are generally a less pricey alternative and also might have higher accessibility.

Seek students private teachers who study the subject you need as well as have impeccable GCSE and A-level qualities, as well as look for tutoring experience also. If you’re choosing from online accounts, seek a sense of professionalism, a passion for the subject and experience with certain examination kinds appropriate for your kid.

A lot of private teachers provide an initial conversation with parents and also a short introductory lesson. View their dynamic with your youngster as well as examine you feel comfy with their presence in your house, whether face to face or by video web link. Enable your child to be straightforward. For instance, if they do not like background, an excellent tutor will attempt to unpick why this is, along with going over discovering styles your kid enjoys as well as finds efficient.

Accumulate some current significant schoolwork to show the tutor and also settle on objectives. Prevent numerical targets such as “her maths test mark will certainly go up 10 percent”– lessons will not be fun if the student really feels over- forced as well as anxious of failure. Rises in achievement originated from confidence and also quality, so “recognize how to evaluate sources in more detail” is a far more constructive target.

Realize that private teachers should not assist with school lessons the student’s class teacher will be marking; scoring extremely may feel good in the short-term yet it creates a misconception of capability that isn’t practical. Private teachers should work on ability development using tasks that, with time, will certainly enhance the pupil’s scholastic efficiency.

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6 Things to Look for When Hiring a Plumber

Most individuals consider themselves plumbing professionals. I mean, we have all done a little bit of pipes for small problems like a commode obstruction in the house. Nonetheless, that does not imply that every person is a plumber. In fact, without plumbing professionals, some of our residences would be damaged past our creativities.

So, exactly what should you try to find when hiring a plumbing technician for your home pipes demands?

1. Licensure

The majority of states need plumbing technicians to hold a permit, though a couple of states like New York as well as Kansas do not. If your state does not call for licensing, check to see if there have been any protests submitted against the plumber you are considering.

2. Insurance

Plumbers should be guaranteed. In many cases, they may additionally need to be bound too. Insurance coverage will certainly secure both you as well as the plumbing professional in situation of an injury or mishap.

3. Length of time in service

Ask the plumbing professional the length of time he or she has actually stayed in business. A larger business will likely have plumbing technicians with years of experience, but you need to still ask. It’s an excellent indication if the business has actually stayed in business for several years due to the fact that it typically indicates it has a tried and tested record of high quality work.

4. Rates

The plumbing technician will certainly know what she or he requires to do as well as will certainly be able to give a precise price quote, barring naturally, any type of various other major issues. Ensure to get at least three quotes, as well as be wary of any type of price quote that is a lot less than the others. It might indicate the plumber is reducing edges or strategies to utilize substandard components.

5. Guarantee

All plumbing technicians ought to assure their work, consisting of the components. Numerous service warranties cover the plumbing’s benefit as much as one year. If the plumbing professional refuses to ensure his or her job, move on.

6. References

Plumbing technicians that have actually stayed in business any length of time can and will give you references. If they can not, or will not, then take into consideration looking somewhere else. Talking with past clients is just one of the very best methods to accurately gauge the quality of the plumber’s job.


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Advice That Will Help You If Need Plumbing

This is going to be one of the best resources offered for you for more information about pipes. There might be a lot of resources readily available both on and offline, nevertheless we have gathered the very best details in this short article and sorted out the apparent or inaccurate recommendations that you may find in other places.

Throughout the warm seasons, you will see that there will be many bird nests forming around your pipes vent pipelines. It is vital to clear these out, as they can have a disastrous result on the quality of your plumbing and the flow of water in your home.

When the ice melts there aren’t lots of issues, if your pipes do freeze you ought to turn off the primary water valve so. As the ice melts you need to leave the faucet on so it eliminates the pressure. You might also day a blow clothes dryer to the pipelines to help the ice melt, but never ever a blow torch because that is method too harmful.

According to Antliseis Antoniou Plumbing costs among professionals are not consistent. This can be difficult if you have a significant plumbing problem that you require solved right away, however will conserve you money in the end.

Do not put stringy or fibrous items into your waste disposal unit. Compounds like banana peels, gristle, or celery might not completely break down in the disposal, and may clog your pipes instead of flowing out of the waste lines as they are expected to. When in doubt, do not attempt to dispose of something that might not break down completely.

It might be capturing the valve underneath the sink if your kitchen area sink sprayer hose is tough to get out. Secure the valve with an insulation foam pipeline. Cut the foam pipeline in half and place it over the valve. If you require to, tape it. If they are exposed, you can duplicate this operation on other valves too.

Avoid utilizing severe chemicals to clear stopped up drains by purchasing a hand-held manual auger. A drain auger is a one-time purchase rather than buying a brand-new bottle whenever a drain is clogged. This is specifically useful for people who handle clogged drains frequently, such as people with long hair or kids who like to drop things down the drain.

Drain cleaning chemicals might seem like a great way to get rid of develop in your drains but they ought to not actually be utilized as typically as you might think. There are numerous which contain extremely corrosive chemicals that are hazardous to your pipes and may trigger more damage than what the help your pipelines.

In conclusion, it is necessary that you understand how to look after pipes, but it is more vital that you get your data from a reputable source. Use the great advice supplied here and you will be more than happy that you made the effort to do so.

If your pipes do freeze you must turn off the main water valve so when the ice melts there aren’t lots of problems. Plumbing prices among professionals are not consistent. This can be challenging if you have a significant pipes problem that you need fixed right away, but will conserve you money in the end.

Secure the valve with an insulation foam pipeline. Cut the foam pipe in half and place it over the valve.

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